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Vitamin D Council

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I was the Development Director for the Vitamin D Council, a 501c3 nonprofit, between 2011-2014. It’s a small organization, so I had my hand in just about every area in the organization. I supervised general operations, development and business strategy, content management, marketing efforts and program implementation.

Here are some highlights during my time with the Vitamin D Council:

  • I supervised the implementation of a membership program from the ground up, which now has around 1,500 regularly paying members. The membership program revolves around members paying an annual or monthly fee to get complete access to the Vitamin D Council blog.
  • I helped increase the annual income by 31% over three-year period by cultivating the membership program, planning and executing regular fundraisers and solidifying sponsor relations.
  • I managed content planning and content strategy and implemented a medical literature searching and coverage methodology.
  • I improved organization content and brand by serving as technical and grammatical editor, by respecting tenets of evidence-based medicine, and by making content and general organization aesthetic more patient-friendly. I served as the sole technical and grammatical editor.
  • I managed staff, contracted staff, and volunteers to help develop and refine core content, news articles and blogs.

I also produced much content on the site myself and blogged semi-frequently, critically appraising literature and briefing Council members on what’s new in vitamin D with a pinch of insight and a dash of education. Here is a sample of my blog work: