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Seaside Villa

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Seaside Villa is a seven story villa located in a remote part of Jamaica. The Villa is essentially a flexible hotel; you can rent a room, an entire floor or the entire house.

Although it has all the modern amenities, Seaside Villa faces significant barriers in attracting and booking guests. These barriers include:

  • Its remote location. Seaside Villa is two-three hours from the nearest major airport.
  • It’s not located in a popular tourist destination (Treasure Beach). In general, the area does not see very many tourists compared to some other parts of the island.
  • There are many villas in Treasure Beach, despite the low amount of tourists the area attracts.

Seaside Villa contracted me to try and help attract and book guests, despite these barriers. For Seaside Villa, I…

  • Built a new responsive website. The goal here was to see if a fresh and modern design could improve sale conversions once people landed on the site.
  • Attracted more web traffic via SEO and Google AdWords. Since there are many villas in Treasure Beach, it is very competitive to get impressions and click-throughs. In taking the careful steps to ensure maximal SEO and kicking off a budgeted AdWord campaign, the goal here was to obviously gain more website traffic and attract more sales.