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Being tall negatively affects ability to max back squat

Conventional wisdom says, the taller you are, the more disadvantaged you are at backsquating, because you have more range to cover. Is this true? Sort of.

How fast do CrossFitters run the 400m sprint?

“What’s a good 400 meter sprint time?” is not just a question exclusive to CrossFitters but athletes in general. If you’re not a 400m specialist, but you run or stay in shape otherwise, you’re probably curious how your 400m sprint time stacks up to both average and elite runners.

What’s a good Grace (CrossFit) time?

Based on data from the CrossFit Open, I’ve modeled what time you should get on Grace based on how much you can one-rep max clean and jerk.

How do I improve my Helen (CrossFit) time?

New data shows that for CrossFit athletes, improving your ability to do pull-ups improves Helen times more so than improving running times.


Hi, I’m Brant Cebulla. I live and work in San Francisco, CA. Here’s my scoop:

  • I work for Vivino, an online wine community, wine database and mobile application. I’m on the marketing team.
  • I went to school at the University of Montana and got a B.A. in Environmental Studies.
  • I have many interests: sports, the outdoors/environment, health, writing, web development, winning and other stuff.
  • I won a large trophy in 4th grade for winning my elementary school’s chess tournament.


+ 3 = 5


I have subnormal skills and questionable expertise in the following areas:

  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Writing and marketing
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Information sciences
  • Nonprofits

Check out some projects I’ve been involved in →

Ballpark Vote

I created a website called, a site that allows Oakland A’s fans, Bay Area residents, and citizens who take interest in land use planning to vote where they believe the A’s should build a new ballpark.

Vitamin D Council

I was the Development Director for the Vitamin D Council, a 501c3 nonprofit, between 2011-2014. I oversaw general operations and led development efforts.

National Elf Service

I sometimes blog for the National Elf Service, a network of websites that keeps health care professionals up to date on the latest and most reliable evidence in medicine and public health.

Seaside Villa

Seaside Villa is a seven story villa located in a remote part of Jamaica. They contracted me to try and help increase online sales through improved design, functionality, SEO and ad campaigns.